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A Comprehensive Overview of Muscular Fitness for Fitness Professionals

The term “muscular fitness” might conjure up images of big, bulky muscles or incredible feats of strength. While these are certainly elements of muscular fitness, they’re far from the only (and most important) aspects of muscular fitness for nearly all adults. Indeed, we use our muscles for literally everything we do and, if we do not have a well-developed muscular system, we quite literally shrivel away and die (clinically this is referred to as frailty syndrome). Since muscular fitness is critical for our survival and we know it declines with age, starting as young as 30, let’s explore the multidimensional nature of muscular fitness to better understand how it impacts clients. What is Muscular Fitness? This question is not as simple to answer as you might first think. Muscular fitness is not merely a singular capacity, but rather five distinct and yet interrelated capacities that all work together to allow the human body to function on a high level. These five capacities are: